17 Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes

17 Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes

The latest trend in web development is the flat design themes, which has compelled all major brands to go for it. You can find some of the best free flat design WordPress themes these days, but it is no easy task. Out of thousands of peppy WordPress themes, finding the right one is similar to looking for needle in a haystack.

If you are mesmerized by the flat layout and design just like several other website developers and owners, here are some of the best free flat WordPress themes to save you the trouble.

Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes For 2015


Nicticate Flat Design WordPress Theme

Nicticate is a free flat design WordPress theme that is equipped with a responsive layout and high powered functionality. The KOPATHEME layout manager enables you to customize this WordPress theme completely, along with features to create visual hierarchy which is necessary for any professional or corporate style website.



Flat Flat Design WordPress Theme

Created by YoArts, Flat free WordPress theme comes with a fluidic responsive layout and a clean design that is absolutely stunning. Packed with performance of Bootstrap framework and HTML5, the retina ready icon and exciting UI effects make the Flat theme perfect for any kind of blogging or portfolio website.



Blogly Flat Design WordPress Theme

Created for the very purpose of building a stylish flat style blogging platform, Blogly free WordPress theme has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and user interface. The multiple post formats enables you to incorporate videos, images and entire galleries into your posts, saving you time and money on plugins.


CleanPort Lite

CleanPort Lite Flat Design WordPress Theme

The Lite version of the CleanPort free WordPress theme comes with a majestic design and added functionality to create any portfolio or modern blogging website in minutes. This WordPress theme is perfect for showing off your products and services in style and creating an engaging audience with powerful imagery.


WP WriterStrap

WP WriterStrap Flat Design WordPress Theme

Built on the powerful TwitterBootstrap framework, the WP WriterStrap free flat design WordPress theme is the modern day theme for writers and bloggers. The SEO friendly layout is powered by super-fast loading speed, while the flat design infuses with beautiful typography to create the ideal user experience.


My Flatonica

My Flatonica Flat Design WordPress Theme

One of the most elegant attributes of the best free WordPress themes is pictography, and My Flatonica is a fine example of it. Built on the Bootstrap framework, the responsive design and special emphasis on images makes this theme perfect for photography and artistic websites.



Photolab Flat Design WordPress Theme

The flat design approach is beautifully reflected in this free WordPress theme, which is the perfect match for any photography blogging website. The responsive design delivers a smooth performance on all devices, while the font ensures that the content remains relevant as well.


MH Cicero

MH Cicero Flat Design WordPress Theme

The fla tmultipurpose WordPress theme of MH Cicero Lite is a sight to behold. The bold color cobination throughout the design, along with grid style content boxes are geometrically alligned to create a collage effect, which is the ideal base to create any stylish blogging or portfolio website.



Ambition Flat Design WordPress Theme

If you are looking for the perfect fusion between a free flat design WordPress theme and a professional WordPress theme, Ambition is the one. The full-scape background image is customizable and acts as a smooth slider, while the minimalist header in plain white redefines the content clearly.



Cordillera Flat Design WordPress Theme

Cordillera is yet another free flat design theme that makes the best out of full-width imagery and sharp typography. Perfect for creating a minimalistic professional, portfolio or business website, the CSS3 and HTML5 integration will ensure smooth flow of the content.



Corsa Flat Design WordPress Theme

This free flat WordPress theme is easy on the eyes and feels great to use as well. The 6 different layout options give you plenty of choice to look into, while the integrated WR PageBuilder will ensure that your website is easy to create and start up.



Keratin Flat Design WordPress Theme

Designed primarily for modernized blogs, magazines and news style websites, the Keratin free WordPress theme is clean and smooth from beginning to end. The simplistic white background helps focus on the grid style content layout, while the sidebar proves to be the perfect tool for seamless navigation.



FlatOn Flat Design WordPress Theme

The FlatOn WordPress theme is among the best in the lot, and it has the exclusive skeleton framework and CSS3 integration to prove it. Available in two different basic color schemes, the theme offers loads of customization options along with a responsive light layout that will suit any blogging or portfolio website like a glove.



Accelerate Flat Design WordPress Theme

This is among the most flexible WordPress theme that offers a flat and responsive layout to support almost any kind of content driven website. The stunning homepage with its slider imaging and content boxes is enticing to the audience, while the multiple post options ensure that you can incorporate a unique style in your content.


Flat Sky

Flat Sky Flat Design WordPress Theme

If you need a lightweight free flat design WordPress theme that can integrate the content management capability of WordPress, Flat Sky is a natural choice. The colorful design and catchy typography is great for focusing the audience on the content, while features such as photoblog compatibility and customization options panel give you plenty of changes to work with.



Flounder Flat Design WordPress Theme

The Flounder WordPress theme is fairly new and is based on the latest standards of flat design. Ideal for blogging and content heavy websites, the colorful palette is the perfect addition to the clean and responsive layout that Flounder theme offers.



Tabataba Flat Design WordPress Theme

The unconventionally named Tabataba free flat design WordPress theme is optimized with HTML5 and CSS3 for supreme performance. The multiple page layouts, color patterns, custom widgets and clean layout makes this theme ideally suited for any online magazine or business profile website.