11 Best Free Church WordPress Themes

11 Best Free Church WordPress Themes

We live in the age where everything from ordering food and doing business, to education and shopping happens online. The best free church WordPress themes have helped religious organizations and churches evolve for the online age, connecting people physically and spiritually to the divine spirit.

For a Good Samaritan who is looking to increase the interaction between your local neighborhoods with the church, WordPress has a large collection of Church and religious themes. With the assistance of a website developed with one of the best free church WordPress themes, you can create new connections with the younger and more tech-savvy generation, bringing them closer to God.


Zion Church WordPress Theme

When you are on a budget but do not wish to settle for anything less than a professional website for your church or ministry, Zion is the one to go for. The different color schemes and widgets add personalization while features such as upcoming events page and media section enable direct interaction with the people.



Delta Church WordPress Theme

The light color scheme of the Delta Free Church WordPress theme keeps things simple and clean for heightened user experience. With customization options for color, background, and even the header, you can bring alive your church into your website while the fluidic responsive design will ensure that the message is spread across all kinds of users.


Simple Church

Simple Church Church WordPress Theme

The basic while color scheme does a good job of bringing out the typography in the Simple Church WordPress theme. Ideal for creating a sermon repository, event management and announcements about the latest news related to the local church, Simple Church offers an intuitive visual effect while keeping performance at peak.



Murmur Church WordPress Theme

While most free church WordPress themes focus more n the written content than the visuals, Murmur takes a different path. The minimalist design comes with gigantic imagery and highlighted content while the multiple widgets and theme panel options help you make all the necessary changes needed to create the church website you want.



Church Church WordPress Theme

Developed as a child theme of the Omega WordPress theme, Church is among the best free non-profit WordPress themes out there. With a performance backing of HTML5, a wide range of customization options and plugins such as WooCommerce integrated into its core, Church is the epitome of the free ministry and church WordPress themes.


Green Grunge

Green Grunge Church WordPress Theme

Designed with a rather creative and youthful color scheme, the Green Grunge free church WordPress theme looks stunning. With the custom logo, slider and widgets, you can reflect the personality of your church into your website while the media playing capabilities enable you to add sermons, videos and pictures to the website.



Faith Church WordPress Theme

The clean and elegantly simplistic Faith WordPress theme by FabThemes is a great choice for any church or ministry. The multiple post options enable addition of sermons, service timings, short messages, and even notifications into the website while the personalized banners help inform about the latest events being held at the church.



Malaka Church WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a premium grade solution for your church website, the Malaka church WordPress theme is the best free theme you can find. With a simple setup to get you started, you can add slider items, events, service timings and much more directly from the admin menu.



Versatile Church WordPress Theme

Great for any community church trying to reach out to the believers online, the Versatile WordPress theme comes with a simplistic and vibrant design. With the minimalist header and full-width featured image slider, you also get customizable columns for upcoming events, sermons and other news related to the church.


Charis Church

Charis Church Church WordPress Theme

If you do not have the budget for a premium paid WordPress theme, the humble and minimalist Charis Church theme would be a fine choice. The Google Maps integration makes it easier for the users to find the location of the church through the website while the ChapelWorks Basic Church Plugin brings several necessary church website features to Charis Church.



Striker Church WordPress Theme

Although termed as a multipurpose theme, what makes Striker the perfect church WordPress theme is its beautiful layout engulfed in a simplistic design. The simple setup comes with plenty of customization options, along with multiple templates and localization support to help you create the ideal church website that works for the people.