11 Best Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Themes

Almost of the latest websites designed these days are integrated with a highly responsive and mobile friendly design. While most of the WordPress themes available today possess the same qualities, some of the best free and premium mobile WordPress themes are a step ahead.

Creating a website for a mobile app, or creating websites which will essentially be viewed only from mobile devices, requires a mobile-first layout. Mobile WordPress theme not only help reach the target audience directly, but significantly improve the user experience as well. Here are some of the most highly acclaimed best free and premium mobile WordPress themes that will keep you hooked.

Best Premium Mobile WordPress Themes


Breezy Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Breezy WordPress theme has been designed with impeccable class and a mobile optimized design that stands out. The modern fly-out menu makes navigation smooth and quick, the customization options in the form of design elements and page layouts make every page more attractive, and the added Morph and PageLoader plugin take user experience to a whole new level.



Aura Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Aura Mobile WordPress theme has been skillfully integrated to look and feel incredibly app-like. The burst of colors and 3 unique layouts is empowered by hundreds of fonts and touch optimization features. The theme has been built to convert your current desktop website into a mobile one in no time, the Flex Slider and retina ready design make visuals even more stunning, and the pp support enables iOS users to store your website as a web bookmark in the app drawer.



Vibrant Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The clean and ultralight Vibrant WordPress theme has been designed to perfect the art of minimalist design. Don’t let the simple and elegant design deceive you, Vibrant is packed with plenty of CSS3 and jQuery animations, touch responsive image gallery, customizable shortcodes for media playback, Webapp installation feature and the PageLoader plugin as well.



Rogue Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Rogue Mobile WordPress theme takes web design one step further, with its multipurpose design and a layout that puts mobile devices first. The customizable menu system lets you add more elements than you can think of, the beautiful page transitions make sure that you’re never bored when pages load, the special media integration brings all the popular media content websites to your fingertips, and the multi-browser and platform compatibility ensures the same fluidic performance every time.



Jackdaw Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Jackdaw WordPress theme is the ideal choice for any online magazine or blogging theme that needs a modern design and mobile-oriented layout. The lightweight theme is packed with customizations for the header and the transitions and several design elements that help you bring your personal touch into the website. The “add to homescreen” feature makes your website as cool as an app for Android and iOS smartphones, and the touchscreen optimization makes it a breeze to navigate through.



Hero Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Hero Mobile WordPress theme has been termed as a no-nonsense theme which keeps things simple and as user friendly as possible. Although deemed as a mobile-first theme, the Hero works brilliantly alongside your desktop website, while offering tons of functionality for your mobile devices. The elegant navigation menu, touch responsive gallery and multiple color choices come with additional features packed within shortcodes.



Chalis Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

If you are in search for a mobile theme which can be customized in any kind of website, Chalis is the one you need. This WordPress theme comes with 6 different designed page templates, special portfolio layout designed for compact viewing, custom theme options, more than 20 shortcodes for added functionality and WebApp integration as well.



Now Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

There are very few mobile WordPress themes that can bring alive the classy flat design as the Now theme does. The Now theme brings in a splash of more than 400 different color combinations with a retina ready and ultra-responsive layout. The 16 different custom shortcodes bring in more features at each step and the core CSS3 structure brings fluidity and responsiveness to the theme.



Monolith Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The Monolith mobile WordPress theme takes mobile websites to a whole new level with the amount of design elements and customization features it boasts. The fullscreen image layout comes with featured images for each and every post, the touch-responsive gallery is a pleasure to swipe through and the playful choice of colors and smartly designed icons come together to create a brilliant experience for the users.



Decode Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

The sophisticated and simple layout of the Decode is a writer’s dream, making it one of the best free writing WordPress themes out there. This free mobile WordPress theme is made for reading and is powered by a two-column layout for smooth navigation and plenty of customizations as well. The integrated social media profiles help you and the visitors share the content with ease, bringing even more audience each time.


Responsive Mobile

Responsive Mobile Free And Premium Mobile WordPress Theme

If you like customizing your website and don’t need your work cut out for you, the Responsive Mobile WordPress theme is made for you. The theme comes with 9 different page templates to choose from, 6 different layouts, widgetized areas and custom menu positions as well. The added features such as WooCommerce support, RTL Language integration and Retina ready design make any website look stunning.


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