13 Best Free BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Social media networking has changed the way we communicate, share and express ourselves online. It is a market that will never wear out or go out of style, since people all over the world will never want to stop interacting and sharing their life experiences

23 Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Magazines have been around for much longer than you have, assuming you weren’t born before 1731. No matter what century it has existed in, people have loved turning through the pages and opening up their minds to a whole new world. Technology has caught up

15 Best Free Bootstrapped WordPress Themes

The WordPress community has loved and adored the Twitter Bootstrap Framework for all the right reasons. Why not, they make some of the best free bootstrapped WordPress themes around. This front-end framework is highly responsive, light on the website and as zippy as it gets.

20 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

20 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Here we bring you some of the best free responsive WordPress themes around today. The younger years of the internet witnessed websites that took forever to load and looked terrible on a mobile screen. But ever since the smartphone revolution took the world by storm,

25 Best Free Business WordPress Themes

WordPress has made it easier than every before to create a stunning website fast. So no it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to WordPress. But where do you start? With so many themes available, both free and paid, it can be